The Kurdish national movement in Syria: political goals, controversy and dynamic

Syria Freedom Forever - سوريا الحرية للأبد

n_18247_1The Kurdish national movement in Syria: political goals, controversy and dynamic. Interview with Joseph Daher in e la libertà

What are the goals of PYD and what is the purpose of its alliances?

Joseph Daher (J.D): There is a consensus among all Kurdish political parties, including PYD, to establish in a future Syria without Assad a form of decentralization, while all emphasizing the full integrity of Syrian territory within a federal system. The way to reach it is however different for numerous reasons. PYD has for example pursued a policy of strengthening its political influence through its own armed forces to control Kurdish majority inhabited areas, even more, and to try to link the 3 “Rojava” cantons geographically, but without any cooperation with Syrian Arab opposition forces, and sometimes even against them. On the other side, the Kurdish National Council (KNC) has argued that a federalist system has to be established…

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